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We are Alicia and Sarah, two 20-something professional photographers and videographers in Central Illinois. Based in Springfield, we travel throughout the Midwest to capture our clients’ special moments. We mix our love of travel and our artistic, edgy style to create images we hope our clients love.

We enjoy a good three piece suit and the perfect pair of stilettos to match our outfit, but would rather wear sweats a size too big out to grab spiced chai in the afternoon. Our taste in movies tends toward the darker side of humanity, but we are always up for a feel-good film. We’ve always been a little quirky. We’ve always embraced our individuality. We tend toward the stranger side of life. And we love beautiful things, beautiful places, and know that people who are beautiful inside and out are the best kinds of people.

We love traveling, the perfect latte, and telling real, evocative stories through our art. Amidst impromptu shoots, crazy long filming days, and fueling our Starbucks addictions at company meetings, we grew close as friends, and then as business partners. Doubleshot Artistry is a culmination of our artistic talents and tastes, over the course of our seven year friendship, and we are so excited to share it with all of you!

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Mission Statement

Doubleshot Artistry celebrates every individual person, company, or event with whom we work. We understand how important it is to provide professional, high quality photos and videos that are artistic, edgy, and always, very personal. Therefore, we strive to create beautiful work that we are passionate about and which our clients can love for years to come.