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Doubleshot Artistry celebrates every individual person, company, or event with whom we work. We understand how important it is to provide professional, high quality photos and videos that are artistic, edgy, and always, very personal. Therefore, we strive to create beautiful work that we are passionate about and which our clients can love for years to come.

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Alicia is a photographer and cinematographer. She is interested in mainly fashion photography and more artistic/conceptual shoots but loves to shoot a variety of styles and people. She has always had a love of fashion and is happy she can now utilize that in conjunction with her passion for photography. Alicia’s style tends towards darker themes, lots of close ups, and edgy compositions.

Alicia has been going to musicals and plays with her grandma since she was very young, and once she got older, she became interested in behind the scenes work, which finally lead her to producing an original musical. Her experience, along with her love of tv and film and the art behind it, led her to become one of the founders of Not Coffee Productions.

She hopes to one day publish editorial spreads and maybe even work for Vogue. At the moment, she is working on expanding her portfolio while taking on weddings and other portraiture work. Alicia hopes to begin the process of submitting to magazines later this year. She would love to work in fashion, food, and concert photography and videography.

When not taking photos or shooting film, Alicia works as an IT coordinator with the Springfest Company and sporadically does side projects in other fields.

In the little spare time she has, Alicia likes to update her twitter, catch up on all the films she needs to watch and rate them in her fancy excel spreadsheet, and watch her favorite television shows. She is currently occupied writing a full-length script, Paradox.

Alicia also likes to travel as much as possible while sipping at a cinnamon almond milk macchiato or a spiced chai. She usually drags a friend with her (often Sarah) and many of her favorite photographs have been taken on these trips. She can be found working anywhere from St. Louis to Chicago and often Las Vegas.

Check out some of Alicia’s favorite photos she has taken over at her Personal Portfolio!