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Sarah has been interested in photography and film work since she was very young; however, it wasn’t until she went to college when she began dabbling in it. She has always been interested in the arts. She did theatre for many years, building from being behind the curtain to onstage in leading roles. From there, her love for these expressive, visual arts grew. Sarah began working in film, founding Not Coffee Productions with two business partners, and soon grew very practiced in the technical side while also mastering her own style and flair as an artist.

Sarah’s style ranges; she is interested in a great many things as described above. However, much of what she does is personal to the models with whom she works. Sarah tries to capture their spirit, their inner strengths, and sometimes their weaknesses. Most importantly, she tries to capture a person’s unique beauty. She does tend toward edgy and interesting lighting, angles, and coloring, but is always interested in branching out and experimenting with other styles, too.

Sarah shot a music video informally for the release of a friend’s self-published novel, but would love to shoot a commercial music video for a rock band or hip hop artist. She also wants to do more pet portraiture, as she loves all animals, and wants to break into the world of fashion photography, specifically editorial work.

In her spare time (but who has that anymore?), Sarah holds a day job at the University of Illinois Springfield, where she runs the writing center and teaches for the English department (composition and film studies). She also loves spending time with her husband and their five cats and new puppy(!) in their new house.

Check out some of Sarah’s favorite photos she has taken over the years over at her Personal Portfolio!